Alachua County Honor Band

Alachua County Honor Band

Alachua County's Best Musicians Come Together

Application procedures:

    • Your director will collect $10 entry fee for each audition.
    • Audition times will be given to your director the week before auditions.
    • Auditions will be December 13  4:00-8:00pm @ GHS

1. Prepared Exercise (see below) Tempo markings are only a suggestion.
Percussionists will audition on both snare and mallets

2.  Chromatic scale (see below)

3.  12 Major scales- (in 2.5 minutes or less) from memory, complete with arpeggios.  Scales are to be performed a minimum of 2 octaves where possible.  Students who wish to play a 3rd octace may do so.  All scales must be performed within the allotted time frame.  Scales must be performed in complete octaves.  The scales will be tongued ascending and slurred descending where applicable.  Scales to be performed starting with the concert key of G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D

4. Sight-reading  (all percussionists will sightread on mallets)

High School Chromatic scale requirements

  • Piccolo- 2 1/2 octaves Eb to Bb
    Flute- 3 octaves from C
    Oboe/ English Horn- 2 octaves from D
    Bassoon- 3 octaves from Bb
    Eb, Bb, Bass Clarinet- 3 octaves from E
    Contra Alto/Bass Clarinet- 2 octaves from E
    Saxophones- 2 octaves from F
    Trumpets- 2 octaves from C
    French Horn - 2 octaves from F
    Trombone/ Euphonium/ Tuba- 2 octaves from Bb
    Xylophone- 2 octaves from Bb

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